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Farewell Album

Studying abroad is a unique experience that could change our worldview and opens new horizons to us. Being in a country here in the West, is an exceptional opportunity not only to research but also to learn and understand the Western culture.

Nevertheless, like any other journey, our journey to here has a return way to home and many have returned back so far. They returned back to our beloved country, IRAN, to serve the people whom based on their support it made possible for us to come here and get our PhD, and to distribute their knowledge among our young, talent, and fresh students at the Iranian universities. 

We spent many soar and sweet events during our stay here but at departure there is nothing except big smiles on faces.

In order to commemorate the PhD students who spent a part of their lives here in Sheffield, and returned back after graduation, I prepared this Farwell album. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky to take a picture of all of my friends and these pictures are all I have.

Farewell our dear friends, and forgive us for our wrong doings, we hope to see you some days in Iran however we may never meet you again but always we certainly recall you. We wish Allah's (swt) richest blessings on your life and family and we pray for your health and prosperity. 

Please note that I sorted the album in a chronological order however I am not quiet sure I did it right. I would be rather happy if you could kindly let me know your viewpoints and also send me your pictures if I missed it here ("myemail4@gmail.com").


Until we may meet again!


Dr Ghaderian Dr Sarboor Maleki Dr Khosravi Dr Sarani Dr Mohseni
Drs Ghaderian (Mr and Mrs) Dr. Saboor Maleki Dr. Khosravi Dr. Sarani Dr. Mohseni
Dr Afzalian Dr MehrShahi Dr AbbasZadegan Dr Niknami Dr Haydari

Dr. Afzalian

Dr. Mehr Shahi Drs. Abbas Zadegan (Mr and Mrs) Dr. Niknami Drs. Haydari (Mr and Mrs)
Dr Zokaei Dr Mirabadi

Dr Soleimani

Dr Roghanian Dr Asadi
Dr. Zokaei Dr. Mirabadi

Dr. Soleimani

Dr. Roghanian Drs. Asadi (Mr and Mrs)
Dr Mohammadi Dr Sarpoolaki

Dr Marashi

Dr Gorji Dr Bahrami
Dr. Mohammadi Dr. Sarpoolaky
Dr. Marashi
Dr. Gorji
Drs. Bahrami (Mr and Mrs)
Dr Izadi Dr Saghafian Dr Amin Yazdi
Dr Amiri
Dr Faizi
Drs. Izadi (Mr and Mrs)
Dr. Saghafian
Dr. Amin Yazdi
Dr. Amiri
Dr. Faizi
Dr Zarkesh   Dr Kesht kar
Dr Hashemi
Dr. Zarkesh Dr. Mahdavi Dr. Kesht kar
Dr Hashemi
Dr Pooladsaz
Dr Tabei Dr Saleh Gohari Dr Tehrani Dr Latif Dr Hashemi
Dr Tabei Dr Saleh Gohari Dr Tehrani
Dr Latif-Shabgahi
Dr Hashemi
Dr Shiran
Dr Asadi Lari
Dr Rahmati
Dr Pourmand
Dr Shiran Dr Asadi Lari Dr Hakimi
Dr Rahmati
Dr Pourmand
Dr Rezapour Dr Amrollahi Dr Haji hashemi Dr Heydari Dr Mortazavi
Drs Rezapour (Mr and Mrs) Dr Amrollahi Drs Haji hashemi (Mr and Mrs)
Dr Heydari
Dr Mortazavi
Dr Azadeh Far Dr Tavakoli Dr Fazeli   Dr Ahmadi
Dr Azadeh Far Dr Tavakoli Dr Fazeli Dr Valizadeh Dr Ahmadi
    Dr Mansourian Dr Fadayevatan Dr Hashemizaadeh
Dr Abouei Dr Mehdizadeh Saradj Dr Mansourian Dr Fadayevatan Dr Hashemizaadeh
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